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Saves Lives

Foster. Volunteer. Adopt.


Kitten Adoption

(Adult Cats, Too!)


Every month Petco, Westport/Fairfield  10-3


Change Lives


About Us

TAILS is an all-volunteer, non-profit charitable organization based in Westport, Connecticut. We support spay/neuter of cats and dogs locally and beyond, concentrating in our home area of Fairfield County.


We rely upon donations – both financial and of goods and services – from individuals and businesses to support our spay/neuter initiatives, and can credit the generosity of our community members for the success of our programs.


With no paid staff, we are able to put every dollar donated directly to saving animals!



Cat Adoptions

Click below to get the process started! Fill out the online adoption application and begin the journey to find a wonderful, furry companion and save a life!


Foster Program

From bottle feeding orphan kittens to cuddling senior cats or providing much-needed socialization for crazy kittens, fosters are the backbone of our adoption program. Sign up and start a furry adventure!


Spay/Neuter Help

Low-cost spay/neuter options are available through TAILS, as well as financial support to sterilize an owned pet, stray, or community cat. If you qualify for assistance, please apply below. You may also email us.



Our robust TNR program provides sterilization and vaccination of community cats with the help of volunteers, caretakers, and participating veterinarians.  Contact us for guidance or assistance.


Barncats & Mousers

Not suitable as pets, our sterilized and vaccinated
working cats are saved from perilous situations and ready for a safe place to live and catch your rodents! Help save a cat with nowhere else to go!


Feral Cat Clinics

Set to resume soon with social distancing in place, volunteer veterinarians and techs provide spay/neuter and vaccination of community cats at TAILS feral cat clinics. Funded by donations, clinics make a huge impact on local cat colonies and population control.


Join Us!

You can help reduce the number of animals that end up euthanized in shelters by supporting our spay / neuter programs!

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