9 lives cat food

January 10, 2014 - We are excited to annnounce the receipt and fulfillment of a grant for 210 13-pound bags of 9 Lives Cat Food which was awarded through a grant run and co-sponsored by the ASPCA and Del Monte Foods’ 9 Lives Cat Food

This food donation grant will have a tremendous impact on cats in our area.  TAILS was the lead agency on the multi-organization grant which saw food distributed to A Hand For A Paw (Bridgeport), Bridgeport Cat Rescue and Animal Alliance Welfare League (New Britain) for cats in foster care, feral cats on the streets and to those owners who are unable to afford the cost of food.

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The food was picked up on Friday, January 10, 2014, by Jimmy Gonzalez and Melissa Kuian from A Hand for A Paw in at the Bloomsburg, PA, Del Monte Food Distribution Center - it was a very long drive but well worth it for all of the cats and their caretakers this food will help.  The truck arrived back and was unloaded by 11pm Friday night and all the food was distributed by Sunday afternoon!  A clear sign of how much it was needed - 3,000lbs of cat food distributed in less than 48 hours!  Both BCR and AAWL have many ferals to feed.  AAWL alone has 58 feral sites with over 300 cats...all spay/neutered of course! 

Please join us with a HUGE thank you to the ASPCA and Del Monte Foods (parent of 9Lives) -- please support them as they support us!  When we work together more animals are saved – it’s that simple…and it’s so great to see two very large organizations giving back so much.  Also, the grant was open to rescues throughout the country and was part of their ongoing 9 Lives Rescue Morris Watch based on humorous and entertaining Morris The Cat select videos. For each video watched here a bag of cat food is donated to a rescue organization - up to 1 million bags of food - check it out...again and again and again!